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Senior Assistant Second Engineer: Bertie Wilson


The eldest son of Thomas Wilson of Waterloo, Liverpool; educated at Merchant Taylors` Grammar School, Crosby and subsequently served his apprenticeship with Messrs. J.H. Wilson & Co. of Sandhills, Liverpool. Served for 4.5 years with Leyland Line as fourth engineer and third engineer before moving to White Star in September 1907 as assistant second engineer aboard the Teutonic. Served as assistant third engineer aboard Olympic before transferring to Titanic. Left a widow but no children.

Junior Second Engineer: John Henry Hesketh


Unmarried. born in Liverpool and lived with his parents in Garnett Avenue, Kirkdale, Liverpool. Joined White Star as an engineer apprentice at the age of 14 years and commenced his seagoing career aboard the Afric as sixth engineer. Served aboard a number of the company`s vessels and was involved in the salvage of the Seuvic following that ship`s grounding. had responsibility for the refrigeration machinery aboard the Majestic and was instrumental in improving the quality of the refrigerated cargo provision offered by White Star. Served aboard Olympic before moving to the Titanic and was the youngest acting second engineer in the company. His estate at death was worth 447 10s.

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