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Mrs Nils Pålsson (Alma Cornelia Berglund)

Mrs Nils Pålsson (Alma Cornelia Berglund), 29, was born on August 3, 1882 in Gruvan, Bjuv, Sweden. Alma was travelling from Bjuv, Sweden to Chicago, Illinois with her four children: Torburg, Paul, Stina, and Gösta. They were rejoining her husband, Nils Pålsson, who had emigrated to the United States a year or two earlier.The Pålsson's joined the Titanic at Southampton. The entire Pålsson family died in the sinking.

Miss Amy Zillah Elsie Stanley

Miss Amy Zillah Elsie Stanley, 24, was born in the spring of 1888 the only daughter of Thomas James Stanley, a grocer who ran a general store in Green Rd, Upper Wolvercote, Oxford, and his wife Eliza Agnes Stanley1. She had four brothers: John, William, Alfred Margetts (born August 9, 1889), and Walter Fredrick Stanley (born April 7, 1894). Amy grew up to become a dressmaker in Oxford, before going into domestic service in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Amy was moving to New Haven, CT to become a children's maid and purchased her ticket through Thomas Cook & Son, Ludgate Circus, London. She left Wallingford in April 1912 to join the Titanic at Southampton. According to contemporary newspaper reports, she would have made the journey earlier but for the coal strike, by which she was delayed. Amy's cabin mates were Dowdell, Miss Elizabeth (30) and Emanuel, Miss Virginia Ethel (5). Amy was rescued in Collapsible C and completed the journey to New York on board the rescue ship RMS Carpathia. Amy was give $200 by the American Red Cross (Entry no.431) and she travelled on to New Haven to start her new life. Amy married Eugene Sheldon Tanner Sr. on November 1, 1918 in Brooklyn, NY. Through connections with the family she worked for in New Haven Amy managed to get Eugene an early honorable discharge from the Navy so they could be married. On July 22, 1921 (in North Attleboro, MA) Amy gave birth to Alfred Stanley Tanner (Sr.). A second son, Eugene Sheldon Tanner Jr. was born in Providence, RI on August 8, 1926. Amy Tanner (nee Stanley) died on April 23, 1955 in Providence, RI.

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