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Junior Assistant Second Engineer: Jonathan Shepherd

(31 March 1880 - 15th April 1912)

Born in Whitehaven, Cumberland. Moved to Blackburn with his family when very young and served an apprenticeship with James Davenport of that town. Worked for Messrs. Howard & Bullough of Accrington and Hadfields of Sheffield before commencing a seagoing career with W.S Kennaugh & Sons of Liverpool. Served on ships owned by James Chambers & Co. of Liverpool but joined White Star after obtaining his first class marine engineers certificate of competency. He served on the Olympic before joining the Titanic. He was unmarried.

Senior Third Engineer: George Fox Hosking


Born in Shaldon, Devonshire and was 36 years old at the time of the disaster. Attended Teignmouth Grammar School and served his apprenticeship with A.W. Robertson & Co. Following sea service aboard a number of ships (including the White Star Line`s Athenic) he joined White Star permanently in 1904 as fourth engineer on the Bovic. He served as senior third engineer aboard the Olympic before being transferred to the Titanic. He held a first class certificate of competency and lived in Southampton with his wife and three children.

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