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Junior Assistant Third Engineer: James Fraser


Born in Aberdeen and served his apprenticeship with Barry, Henry & Co. in that town. Served at sea for two years in ships owned by Langlands & Sons before joining White Star as sixth engineer aboard the Adriatic in October 1907. Following several promotions he was appointed to the Titanic. Held a first class engineer`s certificate. Left a widow and two young children.

Junior Third Engineer: Edward C. Dodd

Born in Crew, he received his education at Plymouth Grammar School followed by an apprenticeship at the Crewe works of the London & North Western Railway Company. Upon completion of his apprenticeship he joined White Star as sixth engineer aboard the Celtic in 1904. Following service on a number of White Star ships, including Olympic he was transferred to the Titanic. He held a first class engineer certificate of competency and was unmarried and aged 38 years when he died. He resided at Bannister`s Hotel, Queen`s Parade, Southampton and left 184 16s 1d.

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