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Senior Fourth Engineer: Leonard Hodgkinson


Born in Liverpool, and served his apprenticeship with Hartley, Armour and Fanning of Stoke. Sailed in ships belonging to the Beaver Line and Rankin, Gilmour & Co. Held a first class engineer`s certificate and sailed as Chief Engineer aboard the Saint Jerome before leaving the sea to start his own business. Joined White Star in May 1905 as assistant engineer in the Celtic. Served in the Olympic before joining the Titanic. Left a widow and two children.

Junior Fourth Engineer: J.M. Smith


Born in Elgin, and served his apprenticeship with Messrs. J.S. Souter of that town. He lived in Thurnham Street, LIverpool. Served at sea with the Anchor Line of Glasgow and a number of coasting companies prior to obtaining his certificates of competency. Prior to joining White Star in 1906 sailed with Union Castle Line and Red Star Line. Served aboard the Majestic before standing by the Titanic during her construction. Left a widow (Sarah) and a son; his estate was worth 116 10s 10d.

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