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Senior Assistant Fourth Engineer: Henry Ryland Dyer

(21 December 1887 - 15th April 1912)

Born in Jhansi, India. Received part of his education at Manual School Exeter and served his apprenticeship with Willey & Co. Joined White Star in 1908 and after a short period on the shore staff at Southampton was appointed to the Adriatic where he stayed for three years before moving to the Olympic. He lived in Exeter and was unmarried.

Junior Assistant Fourth Engineer: Arthur Ward


Served his apprenticeship with Mitchell Bros. of Romsey, Hampshire and J.I. Thornycroft & Co. of Southampton. In 1907 went to sea in the Siamese gunboat Suira Monthon, built by Thornycrofts. Joined White Star in 1908 and served on a number of ships including the Olympic prior to joining Titanic.

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