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Quartermaster: Robert Hitchens, AB

Robert Hitchens was one of six Quartermasters on the Titanic. Hitchens was at the helm when the Titanic hit the iceberg. He survived.

Chief Purser: Herbert Walter McElroy

Herbert Walter McElroy was Chief Purser on board RMS Titanic, and RMS Olympic.

During the Boer War he served in the Royal Sussex Yeomanry as a Lance Corporal and recieved the Queens South Africa Medal.

In 1902, he joined the White Star Line as Purser Third Class and served on the RMS Oceanic.

In 1911, he was promoted to Chief Purser on board RMS Olympic, and then transferred with most of the Officer crew to the RMS Titanic. He was well repected by crew mates and passengers.

McElroy did not survive the sinking. His body was never recovered.

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