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Bugler: Mr P.W. Fletcher, MN.


Mr P.W. Fletcher of Liscombe Ave, Southampton was the Buglar on board the RMS Titanic. He would announce meals and any events that were happening on the ship.

Mr Fletcher died in the sinking.

Bandmaster: Mr Wallace Henry Hartley, MN.


Mr Wallace Henry Hartley was the son of Albion and Elizabeth Hartley of Colne, Lancashire. But at the time of his death his home was Surreyside, West-Park street, Dewsbury, England. He had led orchestras in Harrogate and Bridlington and was a member of the Savage Club in Leeds.

Hartley, a violinist, worked on the Cunard Liner SS Mauretania before leaving to become bandmaster on the RMS Titanic. He had a fiancÚ in Boston Spa, near Wetherby in Yorkshire and spent time with her in that village the week before boarding the Titanic.

After the collision Hartley led the orchestra in playing ragtime tunes.

His body was recovered as #224 on May 4th 1912 the body was transferred from Halifax to Boston for it's return to Liverpool on-board the Arabic where it arrived on May 12th. From liverpool the body was taken by hearse to Hartleys boyhood hometown of Colne, Lancashire. The funeral was held at the Bethel Independent Methodist church where hartley had been a choirboy.

Chief Baker: Mr Charles John Joughin, MN.

Mr Charles John Joughin, MN, of Southampton, was Chief Baker on board the RMS Titanic. He had been at sea for 10 years and had signed on at Southampton on the 9th April, 1912.

During the morning of the sinking, he had drank a bottle of whiskey, and helped load the port side lifeboats. Joughin had at about 2:00am, jumped off the stern of the Titanic, narrowly missing the port wing propeller and stayed alive in the freezing water for 2 hours because of the whiskey he had drunk. Joughin survived the sinking.

Mr Joughin of gave this statement at the British enquiry:

"I got to the starboard side of the poop; found myself in the water. I do not believe my head went under at all. I thought I saw some wreckage, swam towards it and found collapsible boat (B) with Lightoller and about twenty-five men on it. There was no room for me. I tried to get on, but was pushed off, but I hung around. I got around to the opposite side and cook Maynard, who recognised me, helped me and held on to me."

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