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RMS Titanic's Engineers

Chief Engineer

* Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Bell, RD, RNR, .

Second Engineers

* Lieutenant William Edward Farquharson, RNR, Senior Second Engineer.

* Lieutenant Norman Harrison, RNR, Junior Second Engineer.

* Mr James Henry Hesketh, Junior Second Engineer..

* Sub-Lieutenant Albert Wilson, RNR, Senior Assistant Second Engineer.

* Mr Herbert Gifford Harvey, Junior Assistant Second Engineer.

* Mr Jonathan Shepherd, Junior Assistant Second Engineer.

Third Engineers

* Lieutenant George Fox Hosking, RNR, Senior Third Engineer.

* Sub-Lieutenant Edward Charles Dodd, RNR, Junior Third Engineer.

* Lieutenant Charles Hodge, RNR , Senior Assistant Third Engineer.

* Mr Frederick Edward Godfrey Coy, Junior Assistant Third Engineer.

* Lieutenant James Fraser, RNR, Junior Assistant Third Engineer.

Fourth Engineers

* Lieutenant Leonard Hodgkinson, RNR, Senior Fourth Engineer.

* Sub-Lieutenant Henry Ryland Dyer, RNR, Senior Assistant Fourth Engineer.

* Lieutenant James Martin Smith, RNR, Junior Fourth Engineer.

* Mr Henry William Dodds, Junior Assistant Fourth Engineer - Substitute.

* Sub-Lieutenant Arthur Ward, RNR, Junior Assistant Fourth Engineer

* Mr Thomas Hulman Kemp, Extra Assistant Fourth Engineer - Refrigerator.

Fifth Engineers

* Mr Frank Alfred Parsons, Senior Fifth Engineer.

* Mr William Dennis Mackie, Junior Fifth Engineer.

* Mr Robert Millar, Extra Fifth Engineer.

Sixth Engineers

* Mr William Young Moyes, Senior Sixth Engineer.

* Mr William McReynolds, Junior Sixth Engineer.

Deck Engineers

* Lieutenant Phillip Henry Creese, RNR, Deck Engineer.

* Mr Thomas Millar, Assistant Deck Engineer.

For more information about the RMS Titanic's Engineers
Material about theTitanic`s Engineers by kind permisssion of Dr Denis Griffiths and taken from his Marine Engineer History Web Page.

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