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RMS Titanic Information.

Food, Drink, and Dining Utensils

1.Fresh Meat: 75,000 lbs.

2.Fresh Fish: 11,000 lbs.

3.Bacon and Ham: 7,500 lbs.

4.Fresh Eggs: 40,000

5.Ice Cream: 1,750 qts.

6.Coffee: 2,200 lbs.

7.Tea: 800 lbs.

8.Flour: 200 barrels.

9.Oranges: 36,000

10.Lemons: 16,000

11.Fresh Milk: 1,500 gallons

12.Butter: 6,000 lbs.

13.Tomatoes: 2¾ tons

14.Potatoes: 40 tons

15.Beer and Stout: 20,000 bottles

16.Wines: 1,500 bottles

17.Spirits: 850 bottles

18.Tea Cups: 3,000

19.Dinner Plates: 12,000

20.Ice Cream Plates: 5,500

21.Soufflé Dishes: 1,500

22.Wine Glasses: 2,000

23.Salt Shakers: 2,000

24.Pudding Dishes: 1,200

25.Finger Bowls: 1,000

26.Oyster Forks: 1,000

27.Nut Crackers: 300

28.Egg Spoons: 2,000

29.Grape Scissors: 1,500

30.Asparagus Tongs: 400


1.Aprons: 4,000

2.Blankets: 7,500

3.Table Cloths: 6,000

4.Bed Covers: 3,600

5.Eiderdown Quilts: 800

6.Single Sheets: 15,000

7.Table Napkins: 45,000

8.Bath Towels: 7,500

9.Fine Towels: 25,000

10.Roller Towels: 3,500

11.Double Sheets: 3,000

12.Pillow-slips: 15,000

Cargo Manifest

1.There were 3,364 bags of mail on board and between 700 and 800 parcels.

2.One Renault 35 hp automobile owned by First Class Passenger, Senator William Carter.

3.One Marmalade Machine owned by passenger Miss Edwina Trout.

4.Oil painting by Blondel, "La Circasienne Au Bain" owned by Hokan Björnström-Steffanson.

5.Seven parcels of parchment of the Torah owned by Mr Hersh L. Siebald.

6.Three crates of ancient models for the Denver Museum.

7.50 Cases of toothpaste for Park & Tilford

8.11 bales of rubber for the National City Bank of New York

9.Eight dozen tennis balls were lost which were to go to R.F. Downey & Co.

10.A cask of china headed for Tiffany's was in the cargo hold.

11.Five Grand Pianos were on board.

12.Thirty cases of golf clubs and tennis rackets for A.G. Spalding.

13.A jewelled copy of The Rubáiyát by Omar Khayyám, with illustrations by Eliku Vedder sold for £405 at auction in March of 1912 to an American bidder. The binding took two years to execute, and the decoration embodied no fewer than 1,500 precious stones, each separately set in gold.

14.Four cases of opium.

1.Laid down: March 31, 1909

2.Launched: May 31, 1911

3.Maiden Voyage: April 10, 1912

4.Length (overall) 882 ft 9 in

5.Beam: 92 ft. 6 in

6.Moulded depth: 59 ft 6 in

7.Tonnage gross: 46,329

8.Tonnage net: 21,831

9.Decks: 10 (Boat Deck to Tanktop)

10.Engines: 2 triple expansion and 1 turbine engines.

11.Total horsepower: 46,000

12.Service speed: 20 - 21 knots

13.Top speed: 23 - 24 knots (est.)

14.Passengers-First Class: 735 (Official Numbers)

15.Passengers-Second Class: 674

16.Passengers-Third Class: 1,026

17.Officers and Crew: 892 - two for every 3 passengers

18.Number of windows on the Titanic: 1116 portholes and 419 windows in the various deck houses for a total of 1535.

19.RMS Titanic needed 650 tons of coal a day for her 159 furnaces.

20.RMS Titanic's anchor chains were huge. Each link weighed 175 pounds.

21.Some prices on the Titanic: It cost 50¢ (US) for a game of squash or Raquet Ball.

22.It cost $1.00 (US) for a Turkish bath.

23.People paid $3.12 (US) to send a Marconigram.

24.It cost $7,500,000 to construct the RMS Titanic

25.Salaries and wages of RMS Titanic's Crew:

a. Commadore of the White Star Line: Captain Edward John Smith, RD, TM: £1,260 per annum

b. Captain Arthur H. Rostron of RMS Carpathia: £636 per annum

c. Second Wireless Operator Harold Bride: £576 per annum

d. Lookout: George Armstrong. Hogg: £66 per annum

e. Able Bodied Seaman: Edward Buley: £60 per annum

f. Steward: Sidney Daniels: £37, 8 d per annum

g. Stewardess: Annie Robinson: £37, 2 d per annum

h. A suite in First Class on the Titanic cost: £870

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