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Sixth Officer: Sub-Lieutenant James Pell Moody, RNR.

James Pell Moody was born in Scarborough, England on 21st August, 1887.

Moody graduated from the King Edward VII Nautical School in London and passed his Masters Examination there in April 1911.

In 1910 Apprentice James Moody also became Sub-Lieutenant James Moody, RNR, when he recieved a commission in the Royal Naval Reserve. He did shore work when he could. The White Star Line thought it was essential that all of their Ship's Officers be in the Royal Naval Reserve as well. It also meant that the line was doing something for Great Britain and recieved other benifits from the British Government..

Sub-Lieutenant Moody held the position of Sixth Officer on board RMS Titanic. He was a junior officer and therefore helped the Officers Of The Watch when he was on duty.

He stood the 8am to 12pm and 8pm to 12am watches, as well as the first Watch, that of 4 to 5 p.m. Moody was on watch on the bridge when the Titanic struck the iceberg at 11:40pm on sunday 14th April.

Sub-Lieutenant James Pell Moody, RNR, died in the sinking. He was last seen about 2:18 am by Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller trying to launch collapsible boat C. A true hero of the Titanic sinking, Sub-Lieutenant Moody will never be forgotten.

Officers Of RMS Titanic.

Note: This photograph was taken on board the RMS Olympic in 1911. This is because of the white peaked caps worn. On the Titanic they wore navy blue and not white, as full navy blue was for Winter, and white hat and navy blue was for Autumn. A full white uniform was worn in the summer.

Left to Right standing; Chief Purser: Herbert Walter McElroy, Second Officer: Commander Charles Herbert Lightoller, DSC and Bar, RD, RNR, Third Officer: Lieutenant-Commander Herbert John Pitman, MBE, RD, RNR, Fourth Officer: Commander Joseph Grove Boxhall, CBE, DSO, RD, RNR, Fifth Officer: Commander Harold Godfrey Lowe,RD, RNR, (possibly, however I am not certain)

Left to Right seated; Sixth Officer: Sub-Lieutenant James Pell Moody, RNR,(possibly), Chief Engineer: Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Bell, RD, RNR, (possibly), Commadore of the White Star Line, Captain Edward John Smith, RD, TM, RNR, First Officer: Lieutenant William McMaster Murdoch, RNR. (Chief Officer: Lieutenant Henry Tinlge Wilde, RNR, is not present.)

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