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RMS Titanic Quiz.

Answer thirty questions and see how much knowledge you have about that fateful night and everything with it???

1. What was RMS Titanic’s Captain’s name?

2. What did the four letters (RD, TM) after the Captain’s name stand for?

3. Name the Officers of RMS Titanic?

4. What was the name of RMS Titanic’s Surgeon?

5. How long did it take to build RMS Titanic?

6. How much did it cost to build RMS Titanic?

7. How many boilers were there on board RMS Titanic?

8. How many Boiler Rooms were there on board RMS Titanic?

9. Name RMS Titanic’s Chief Engineer?

10. How many Engineers were there on board RMS Titanic?

11. On what date and time did RMS Titanic come in contact with an iceberg, and who notified the bridge?

12. What were the names of the to Wireless Operators on board RMS Titanic?

13. What was RMS Titanic’s Morse code call sign?

14. What new emergency distress call was sent from RMS Titanic?

15. Who was the owner of RMS Titanic?

16. Who was the Chairman and President of the White Star Line?

17. Who were the only two Titled First Class Passengers?

18. What was the name of the American Lieutenant Colonel who owned the Waldorff-Astoria Hotel who died on board RMS Titanic?

19. What was the name of the Aide to President Taft who died on board RMS Titanic?

20. What wealthy US Army Colonel wrote a book on the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1913?

21. At what time did RMS Titanic sink?

22. Who was the Titanic’s Chief Purser?

23. Name the English actor who played Second Officer Charles Herbert Lightoller, DSO, in “A Night To Remember” in 1958?

24. What was the name of the Second Class Passenger who wrote a book after the sinking called “The Sinking Of SS Titanic”?

25. Which elderly First Class couple refused to be separated and died together on board RMS Titanic?

26. What was the name of the ship that rescued the passengers of RMS Titanic?

27. Who was this ship’s Captain?

28. Who recieved the disstress call from the RMSTitanic on board this ship?

29. At approximately what time did the passengers of RMS Titanic get rescued?

30. What year were the remains of RMS Titanic found and by who?


1. Captain: Edward John Smith, RD, TM

2. Reserve Decoration (RD) and the Transport Medal (TM)

3. Chief Officer:Henry Tingle Wilde

First Officer: William McMaster Murdoch

Second Officer: Commander Charles Herbert Lightoller, DSC, MN, RNR

Third Officer: Herbert John Pitman

Fourth Officer: Commander Joseph Grove Boxhall, RN

Fifth Officer: Commander Harold Godfrey Lowe, RN

Sixth Officer: James Pell (or Paul) Moody

4. Surgeon: William F.N.O’laughlin

5. 4 years (approx)

6. $10,000,000 (US)

7. 29 boilers

8. 6 Boiler Rooms

9. Chief Engineer: Joseph Bell

10. 35 Engineering Staff

11. Sunday, 14th April 1912, at 11:39pm, by Lookout Frederick Fleet.

12. First Wireless Operator: John ‘Jack’ Phillips Second Wirless Operator: Harold Snyder Bride

13. MGY Titanic

14. SOS (Save Our Souls or Save Our Ship)

15. James Piermont Morgan

16. Joseph Bruce Ismay

17. Sir Cosmo and Lady (Lucille) Duff Gordon.

18. Lieutenant Colonel John Jacob Astor IV

19. Major Archibald Willingham Butt

20. Colonel Archibald Gracie IV

21. 2:20am 15th April 1912

22. Chief Purser: Herbert Walter McElroy

23. Sir Kenneth More, KBE, CBE

24. Mr Laurence Beesley, BA, MA

25. Mr and Mrs Isador Strauss

26. RMS Carpathia

28. Commandore of the Cunard Line: Captain Sir Arthur H. Rostron, KBE, RD, DSO

29. 4:00am 15th April 1912.

30. 1985, and found by Dr. Robert Ballard.